Multiple Listing Service. As soon as you sign the Listing Contract, and when it’s all decked up and ready to be marketed, your home will be listed on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS®) for all the realtors in the area to see.
Over 30 great pictures and a 3D tour featuring your home will showed on the MLS.
Open Home days will also be listed thereon.
Broker Tour • Your home will be announced at the Marketing Meeting attended by brokers and agents and a Broker Tour will be arranged.
Mega Open House • We will advertise your home aggressively online (websites and social media) and offline and will conduct 2 Open Houses on Saturday and Sunday.
Signs will be posted everywhere and there’ll a huge crowd at the Open House.
The goal is to sell your home on just 1 weekend. You will get multiple offers
Customized flyers depending on the latest trends, colorful and beautifully layout/printed for OPEN HOUSES and even Door To Door hand out.
Just Sold, Just listed Post Cards & Flyers Snail Mail sent out to home owners/tenants within 5 km radius.


We utilize our network of technicians, researchers, designers, and other professionals working for major technological companies like facebook, google, twitter & others who are reachable to optimize exposure of all office properties.
All these exposures will surely reach all levels of earner, be it high or low income earners. More leads, more competition, the result is always Higher Bidding Price for your Home.
We create a webpage or your property and gets a domain for your property of its own, bearing the address as the domain name.
We hire professional photographers to take beautiful picture for your home.
We do a video Tour for your home and post it all over the internet.
We DOMINATE in Posting the ad of your home all over the internet.
1. - We make sure that your home ad is almost always on the first 50 ads all day everyday.
2. Zillow/Trulia - Your home will be posted as for sale on zillow/trulia.
3. We regularly post and create events on facebook page and promote it all over the area/community.