My name is Rich Jackson, A Realtor with an investor mindset and have a passion for fixing and flipping properties in Clovis, Madera, Fresno, Sanger, Selma, further extending from Central California to Bay Area.

I focus on searching for good deals that are off market and currently on the market.

I understand that you are involved with Real Estate Investments.

I am reaching out to you to join me...

Come and see what we are doing to change the real estate market in our area.

The average homes in our county are 50 years old and with a lot of deferred maintenance. We even have some much older property as well.

My Team religiously searches, markets and conducts research on these type of houses on a 24/7 basis. They check the property's market value to see if it is a Good Deal. They then send me the property details so I can share them to my data base of Investors and start OUR MISSION TO...

“Transform these Diamond in the Rough to a modern, updated and SHINING TREASURE”

We are also able to re-list the property for you to make sure you get top dollar for your rehabbed property. We are always improving and updating our marketing to ensure each house we place on the market gets the most exposure possible. An average open house that we host receives many visitors even in the hundreds.

But there is more to that...We want them to realize that the essence of this transformation is more relevant and upgrading these homes would bring value to the neighborhood.

So Please Join Me in Our Mission...

1. We will send you a disclaimer to bind us in our journey of creating wealth while keeping up with our noble vision for the Real Estate Market.
2. Next is to set up the best time to sit and formally meet. We believe in personal touch. Having the relationship more like a family. People to grow with and create a lasting relationship.
3. Then we start our work. We shall submit the list of Good Deals of Properties to you on a daily or weekly basis. These maybe Off Market or On Market.
4. For Off Market, we shall provide the property profile and comparative market analysis. 5. For MLS Listed properties, we shall contact the agent and include the status and other relevant information discussed with agent especially on the most relevant ways to get offer accepted like best price to offer and others.
6. Once you get the list, please highlight the preferred ones and return the list to us with necessary remarks that way we can start transaction. Our team is able to complete the purchase contracts and and other documents that are needed to complete the transaction. 7. In no time, you would get back the Docusign for you to review and approve the necessary agreement. 8. Next we will need you to include the Proof of Funds and other relevant documents so we can submit our Offer.

My whole team, shall do everything for you to make sure you have the best chance of getting your offers accepted. We make it easy for you to find new property and help acquire it!